About Us

CE7Plus is about researching and testing beyond the scope and limits of customary rules and concepts. Every product we release are balanced through chemical reaction computation and are thoroughly tested to give the best results. More importantly, we aim to maximize plant utilization of nutrients while minimizing nutrient loss, salt damage, and other adverse effects on the soil.

We have tested our products in a number of countries in Southeast Asia.


We've tested in various regions in Thailand, from up north in Mae Sai and Chiang Mai to down south in Chumphon and Krabi. Trees that have been barren or have only produced male inflorescences were finally producing fruits after just 2 applications (30 days).


In Malaysia we've tested in Miri, Johor Bahru, and Sabah. Trees were found to significantly produce more and give larger FFBs after a number of applications.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, we've tested our product in Mindanao and Cebu. Three year old trees baring only male inflorescences were finally producing female inflorescences after just 3 applications (45 days).

Our Products

Our products are complete in nutrients and ready for immediate use, there is no need for you to look for any other fertiliser. We've already added what is necessary for good production so that you don't have to. Every formula contains macro, micro, and trace elements in calculated quantities, making it suitable for regular application.

The quantities we’ve provided per application have been calculated according to the amounts required by each plant within the frequency of our suggested application time. Amounts are also easily adjustable depending on the plant type and its age range.

Focus on Oil Palms

Our main focus and current product release are Oil Palm nutrients. We've had extensive research and testing over the years to formulate this product and it has proven time and again of it's effectiveness in increasing production and improving overall performance. The product includes two different mixtures (in two different colours); one mixture for application on one side of the tree and the other on the opposite side. The nutrients are to be applied every 15 or 30 days for optimal results. More information and updates on the product will be released soon. However, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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